Cavendish Square, Mayfair, London W1


Parking structure design and refurbishment

In 2010, Potter & Holmes worked on the extensive upgrade of an underground car park in central London. At the heart of the project was the design, build and installation of a modern new lift shaft from the public park in Cavendish Square down to the parking spaces.

The lift itself is glass panelled and fully encased in a transparent glass shaft. It is a strikingly modern structure, but one that is sympathetic to its surroundings, thanks to the tree designs etched onto the glass frames, inspired by the trees found in the park. We also planted shrubs and bushes around the glass to help bed it further into its environment. The unique, modern design now offers customers a direct route into the car park, whilst appearing to be an organic feature in the parkland.

In addition to the new lift, the car park refurbishment included new parking bays, newly painted walls and floors and a brand new glass fronted host lodge. Brighter lighting throughout the car park and pedestrian areas and clear external and internal signage make for the kind of pleasant experience few expect from an underground car park.

Parking structure design and refurbishment

Project details


Westminster Council & Q-Park

Start date

January 2010

Completion date

December 2010

Construction cost


Project partners

PEC, Blue Sky Consultants, MAC Cost Consulting