Culver Centre, South Ockendon, South Ockendon

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Competition for a housing scheme to the Culver Centre

PCH-a submitted a competition in 2018 for a housing scheme to two sites in South Ockendon that would create a £45 million residential development for vulnerable children on a the site of the former Culver Centre, as well as £10 million on an underdeveloped corner site nearby.
We were presented with the challenge to firstly establish connections of these sites to local high streets, adjoining housing communities and other amenities, and secondly to design homes that would achieve the code for sustainable homes level four.

Our initial proposal seeks to create neighbourhood diversity with a mix of house types built to passivhaus level that are energy efficient and some with private rooftop gardens. At the same time we wanted to connect pedestrian spaces to encourage a healthier, inclusive and active community by including a natural swimming pool, pavilions for community activities, and a central play area.

In summary the proposal aims to create a sustainable neighbourhood that encourages social integration, gives better accessibility to adjoining neighbourhoods and is in line with the passivhaus standards which is very much the future! The team at PCH-a really enjoyed putting this scheme together.

Competition for a housing scheme to the Culver Centre

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