Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London

Living, Low energy

Mixed use development

Nine new 2 and 3 bed flats, accessed through a private woodland courtyard garden with a shop unit facing Uxbridge Road has been granted planning permission on an island site on Uxbridge Road midway between Shepherds Bush and Old Oak Road.  This will be one of the first residential developments designed to meet the London Borough of Hammersmith& Fulham’s new Air Quality policy and an overall 52% improvement in CO2 emissions over the Building Regulations Part L2A target emission rate.

The block is arranged over 4 storeys and will feature arched dormer windows set back on the top floor in a zinc clad roof.  To mitigate against air pollution, all upper level amenity spaces less than 20 metres from the main road will be enclosed within a low energy thermal envelope.  Intended as winter gardens,  they are separated from the living areas by glazed partitions which can be fully opened to extend the living space if required.   All flats and winter gardens will be passively ventilated using MVHR and heated by air source heat pump combined to improve the internal air and noise quality with a woodland courtyard garden designed with a palette of under-storey planting and silver birch trees.  The ground floor flat is spatially arranged to be fully wheelchair accessible whilst all upper floors are served by a lift.

The façade will primarily be finished in a multistock red facing brick which is adapted into  hit and miss around amenity space openings  to break down the solidity of the building yet providing more light and privacy to end users.

Mixed use development

Project details

Project partners

Edge Structures – Structural Engineering, Drainage and Construction management
Corbil Estates – Planning Consultant
Sure Engineering – Mechanical and electrical
South Downs Environmental Consultants – Air Quality and Acoustic Assessment
Carbon Plan Engineering – Energy Strategy and Sustainability Assessment
Brooke Vincent – BRE Sunlight and Daylight Assessors
APArboriculture – Arboriculturalist
Wardells – Site Survey