What’s the vision?

Our vision is to make Shepherd’s Bush Green a destination in itself – not just somewhere you have to go through to get somewhere else. We want people to enjoy spending time here and businesses to thrive.

What’s so bad about Shepherd’s Bush Green?

The emissions are way above the recommended levels, it’s the busiest road in the borough and anti-social behaviour is rife. We’re locals – our offices are just off Shepherd’s Bush Green – so we know just how bad this area can get.

How will PCH bring its vision to life?

We’re proposing an ambitious design that will see the north side completely pedestrianised. Here are the three key elements that will help transform this pocket of West London:

  1. The Urban Oasis: With new seating and landscaping, we’ll create a tranquil space for people to hang out and enjoy the many shops and cafes. We’ll also introduce water fountains for kids to play in.
  2. Uniting a community: The new kerbside will connect the much loved Shepherd’s Bush Market with Shepherd’s Bush central, allowing market stalls and foody outlets to come together and make the most of the community space.
  3. Rerouting traffic: To accommodate this, all traffic will need to be redirected to the south side, a transition that will happen in two phases. The first phase will see the north side open to buses and taxis only, the footpaths will be made wider and we’ll introduce cycle lanes. Phase two will see all traffic redirected to the south side of the green and the north side fully pedestrianised.

And finally….

We’d also like to have a standout landmark building here to really ground the space and mark it out as the destination it has the potential to be. Our proposed circular Solar Electric Car Helix is a concept building that is currently in research and development. It is designed as a power station that uses the car battery as an energy store, with energy captured from the sun on the outside of the building. It’s a design we’d like to see at all transport hubs and with Shepherd’s Bush Green, Holland Park Roundabout is another potential site.

You can also see our project page here