We have participated in a design competition for a new Multi-storey Car Park in Cirencester, the next stage of the competition beginning July 15th is a public vote at the Fleece in Cirencester.

Our approach to the design is to:

Create a three-dimensional façade which responds to its context through the day & seasons by changing in colour & tone as it reflects and absorbs light.

Surround the building at ground level in a tactile, familiar material mirroring the scale of a dry stone garden wall. Cotswold Stone filled gabions look well established in a way which will ensure the building fits into its context immediately. These walls will also become natural habitats for insects and plants.

  • To take inspiration from the textures & surfaces of the historical buildings in the town and landscape of Cirencester.
  • To make the façade out of a 100% recyclable material.
  • To locate the most aperture in the building between the north and southern sides not only to meet natural ventilation and fire protection regulations, but also to maintain privacy to the east and west boundaries closest to private residences.
  • To create a non-hierarchical façade so that it has the same quality on all elevations.
  • To use raw, honest, low-maintenance materials where possible. We chose Cotswold Stone filled gabions and hard-wearing aluminium with a milled finish.
  • The design is both lightweight at the upper levels, but firmly grounded at its base creating a human scale for those who are walking or brushing past the building.
  • To create a building with an identity which becomes memorable for car park users
  • To respond in key locations where the building may be seen from the town centre with a full height core of Cotswold Stone filled gabion cladding. This will also highlight our primary pedestrian entrance for those returning to the Car Park.

Please do vote for us here, deadline is 26th of July 2019.