03.04.2022 Car Parks as a catalyst for change

March 4, 2022

Car parks are a type of building that is no longer hiding. They are out there and they are making a point. They are in fact extremely important objects in the urban landscape and can often be active enablers of urban regeneration. With this in mind, here are three of our car park projects that were very much at the heart of the local regeneration:

Ruskin Square, Croydon

This is part of a wider development by Stanhope that shows that the restoration of car park structures can create decent public realm and landscape that embeds the building type in the city. Car parks can be useful, clean, safe places that people want to be in, which it certainly wasn’t before.
Best Car Park Refurbishment: British Parking Awards 2018

Rose Lane, Norwich

A collaboration between Norwich City Council and Huber Car Park Systems, this new 600-space car park unlocked the Mountergate area of the city for major redevelopment. It converted surface parking into a multi-use building that has all sorts of community uses and is a beacon, an arrival point for the city.

Best New Car Park: British Parking Awards 2017

Talbot Road, Blackpool

This project as part of a £200m development that took parking off the street in order to release land for new urban development. It was carried out for Muse Developments and the council. We worked in close collaboration with Parking Matters.

Best Car Park Refurbishment: British Parking Awards 2014

This article originally appeared in Parking Review. See the article here