02.28.2023 Three Top Tips for renovating after purchase

February 28, 2023

While many will want a turn key home that they can move straight into, there are always those out there ready to take on a doer-upper. If you’re considering the renovations route, here are our TOP THREE recommendations to getting your project off to the right start.

1. Live in the property before you start renovating

This is our number one recommendation. While it might be tempting to start knocking down walls as soon as you get the keys, this rarely leads to you getting the best from your property.

You need to understand how your family will use the space. You might think you know, but move in and something better often presents itself. It’s about understanding the flow of life and how this then informs the flow of the house.

It is also worth looking to the future – a play room may be great now, but in a couple of years, what will this room become – an office, a spare room? Is it in the best place for that purpose? It’s about spending time in your home to spot the opportunities to really make the most of your space.

2. Get surveys done – they could save you money in the long run

If you need to get a mortgage, you will have a home purchase survey, but if you’re planning on doing significant renovations or an extension, it could really help to get a structural survey and drainage survey carried out. They don’t sound very exciting but they could really impact what you can and can’t do….and how much it could cost.

For example, do you know where the manholes are? Will your planned extension go over these? Is it a private manhole or public one – if it’s public, what are the implications for the cost of build? It’s these less obvious details that the surveys will reveal and in doing so, give you a much more comprehensive understanding of your property’s possibilities.

3. Speak to architects and builders early on

Getting the professionals in to look at the space early will again help you maximise the potential of the property and invariably, help you get the most from your budget – they may be able to give you some options that will help you bring your ideas to life, while saving a bit of money.  They will help you establish whether what you have in mind is actually possible and whether it will get through planning. Having professionals look at the space may also help you see potential that you otherwise would have missed.