Clapham Baptist Church

  • Sector: Community & Education
  • Client: Clapham Baptist Church Trustees
  • Location: Wandsworth, London
  • Construction Cost: £400,000
  • Size: 470m2
  • Status: Ongoing

This project is all about extending the Clapham Baptist Church with self-sustaining, social housing. We have designed eight new, mixed size flats that will give the church a community scale micro development. The project is independent of public funding in a housing market where commercial land banking blocks “Big Housing”.

The church will offer the flats to young people on median incomes through a new community Housing Group Rental Club for a maximum tenancy of five years. The aim of the club is to let the flats at below open market rents to allow the members to save and get on the property ladder when they leave the group.

Environmental upgrades

We have proposed MVHR passive ventilation and air source heat pumps.