Greenford & Northolt Methodist Churches

  • Sector: Community & Education
  • Client: The Ealing Trinity Circuit
  • Location: Greenford and Northolt, Middlesex
  • Construction Cost: Undisclosed
  • Size: 800m2
  • Status: Completed 2018

The Ealing Trinity Circuit supports a number of Methodist churches in the London Borough of Ealing. This project involved working out how feasible it would be to improve the street presence, hospitality, access and social spaces for the Northolt and Greenford churches. Options included the substantial remodelling and refurbishment of the buildings that were no longer fit for purpose and creating a new low energy, low maintenance extension that would hit Passive House standards and incorporate courtyard gardens.

Funding came partially from leasing a piece of land at the back of the site to a residential developer and partially from the Lottery Fund. At Greenford, we were also able to include a self-contained, two-bed flat, a community café and a new Hall as part of a vibrant mixed use building linked to the existing church.