Ambler Children’s Centre

  • Sector: Community & Education
  • Client: Islington Council
  • Location: Finsbury Park, London
  • Construction Cost: £1.2million
  • Size: 1000 sq.m
  • Status: Completed

For this project we designed an extension to the school to provide 60 nursery places and refurbished an existing Victorian building for extended day services, as well as community and outreach facilities. The design carefully links separate areas with defined uses, to ensure a seamless transition between early year’s provisions up to primary school. The spaces have been created for maximum flexibility, with the ability to control lighting in line with the sleeping patterns of the younger children, and covered external play spaces, all key aspects for the client’s educational programme.

Environmental upgrades

Reduces environmental impact by-

  • Incorporating underfloor heating
  • Adding substantial insulation.
  • Deep overhangs to minimise heat loss in winter and solar gain in summer.
  • Sustainably sourced timber cladding.