Peckham Park Road Baptist Church

  • Sector: Community & Education
  • Client: Peckham Park Baptist Church Board of Trustees
  • Location: Peckham, London
  • Construction Cost: Undisclosed
  • Size: 625 qu.m, Non-residential 550 sq.m
  • Status: Complete

The ambition at the Peckham Park Road Baptist Church is to use the church’s property assets to establish long term financial security for its mission. We also want to create a welcoming space for both faith and non-faith based social work for the church’s community in Peckham. 

To achieve this, the scheme provides eight new flats, separated from the existing church building in a new split level, four-storey block and replacing a poorly maintained rear section of the building.  We will also retain and refurbish the existing church and manse (clergy’s home) so that it can be used by the church and wider community. A new mezzanine floor will provide much needed additional space.