Solar Electric Helix

  • Sector: Mobility & Masterplanning
  • Client: PCH-a Research & Development
  • Location: Holland Park, London
  • Construction Cost: Undisclosed
  • Size: 1380 Spaces / 540 micro-mobility Spaces / Logistics Hub
  • Status: Ongoing

Our proposed circular Solar Electric Car Helix is a concept building that is currently in research and development.

We designed the helix to show how you can quickly and more efficiently move people and goods around cities by bringing together clean, affordable mobility such as micro transit and self drive vehicle service systems that cover first and last mile trips. This design reduces congestion on the roads and frees up the kerbside in local streets, making much better use of the urban landscape, which will be given back to the communities.

The helix building itself is also a mini power station that uses the car battery as an energy store, with energy captured from the sun via solar panels on the outside of the building. It’s a design we’d like to see at all transport hubs, with Shepherd’s Bush Green and Holland Park roundabout both identified as potential sites.