Talbot Road MSCP

  • Sector: Mobility & Masterplanning
  • Client: Muse Developments
  • Location: Blackpool, Lancashire
  • Construction Cost: £6 million
  • Size: 648 Spaces
  • Status: Completed 2014

The Talbot Road multi-storey car park is an award-winning design that reveals its original 1930s frame through the new elevations, giving the area a contemporary car park that acknowledges its heritage.

The key to getting the design right was to think in terms of transformation rather than refurbishment. We therefore redesigned the MSCP to create a central element of a regeneration scheme and to meet the needs of shoppers and tourists as well as office workers.

Internal circular ramps with distinct segregation between incoming and outgoing vehicles provide easy access to all five storeys. A projecting stair tower to the north and an innovative polycarbonate clad tower to the south clearly locate the pedestrian and vehicle entrances within a revitalised and re-invigorated urban landscape.