Carrington House

  • Sector: Residential & Interiors
  • Client: Rosevale Properties
  • Location: Mayfair, London
  • Construction Cost: Undisclosed
  • Status: Planning Permission granted
  • Planning Consultants: Lichfields Planning Consultants
  • Thermal Modelling: Carbon Plan Engineering
  • Community Engagement: Consilio

Carrington House is a six-storey, 1920s block of residential flats with some commercial premises at street level. It is surrounded by the lively area of Shepherds Market and is in the Mayfair Conservation Area of Westminster.

This proposed two-storey extension on the existing 5th floor incorporates eight new apartments. The corners of the 6th floor have been set back to align with the level above, which allows us to create external amenity areas on the existing building’s chamfered corners. The 6th floor will be built of brick, and edged with faïence tiles to match the existing building. The 7th floor will be stepped back again and designed as a mansard. The proposed façade will finally complete the top two floors of the building.

All the windows, except those serving bathrooms, will be inward opening french doors with juliette balconies to match the existing building and there will be a green roof installed.

Each apartment will be will be heated with an individual Air Source Heat Pump located on the roof, and mechanically ventilated with individual MVHR units to reduce heat loss. Onsite renewables are included, with PV solar panels on the rest of the flat roof. We have also carried out extensive thermal testing.

We have been working with this estate for over 20 years, and converted the basement into back of house and staff facilities for the 5 Hertford Street Members Club. We also created two new Flats in the basement from space previously used for storage.