Wyndham Yard

  • Sector: Residential & Interiors
  • Client: Private
  • Location: Marylebone, London
  • Construction Cost: Undisclosed
  • Size: 216m2
  • Status: Completed, August 2015

This project involved converting an existing live/work unit in Marylebone into a high end three bedroom home. We worked diligently to create a light-filled, luxury home, whilst respecting the Portman Estate Conservation Area. We added a rear extension which meant we could maximise the internal space and create usable, private outdoors spaces, despite the very constrained central site.

On the ground floor, the extension incorporates a large lightwell with a terrace, flooding the back of the property with sunlight. On the first floor, we added a much needed, new living area and up on the second floor we created a private terrace to achieve all the necessary additional space.