Western Lane

  • Sector: Residential & Interiors
  • Client: Private
  • Location: Balham, London
  • Construction Cost: £175,000
  • Size: 62m2
  • Status: Completed, Jan 2010

We were asked to craft a two bedroom home out of an original Victorian stables. This sensitive building sits within the curtilage of a Grade II Listed building in a Conservation Area. We designed a mews style house surrounding a courtyard, which is restricted from overlooking adjacent properties and is itself, protected from being overlooked.

The facade needed to match that of the Victorian stable block, so we designed a playful elevation of London stock bricks and false windows. The constrained nature of the site means that much of the natural light internally comes from strategically placed rooflights.

The courtyard is formed of original small Victorian bricks which were reused as paving. This is paired with a richly textured sedum roof to create interest and movement.