Walwood Road, London E11

  • Sector: Residential & Interiors
  • Location: Leytonstone, London
  • Status: Pending planning permission
  • Size: 451 sqm

This site in Leytonstone, East London was previously an underused builders’ yard. It presented a great opportunity to show how to use a less conventional space for five creatively designed new homes.

The plot is quite small – just 450 square metres in total – and is a very unusual shape because it was formally a piece of land originally forming rear gardens to properties facing Kingswood Road.

To the front, the property looks like two Edwardian houses with the traditional bay windows. The property is in fact one building that houses five flats, each with their own individual design. Here, we have orientated the building to align with the site boundary rather than with the neighbouring Edwardian properties.  The result is unexpected internal spaces and outdoor areas for each of the flats, making them all exciting, spacious and comfortable in their own right, despite the tight plot.

The design complies with the new building regulations on overheating and energy efficiency. At present, building regs dictate that designs now need to achieve a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions over the so-called Part L1 2021 Target Emission Rate…..our design achieves a 61% reduction.

It also lies within the Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation.  To avoid the impact of recreational pressure in the forest,  every new home that is delivered in the London borough of Waltham Forest is expected to contribute to investing in the existing natural green spaces and places that do no currently benefit from public access in the Borough.

Features include:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Triple glazing
  • Generous storage space for each apartment
  • Generous private amenity space for each flat
  • Car free development as the site is in easy walking distance to Leytonstone tube station. 
  • Shared amenity
  • Secure cycle storage
  • A fully wheelchair accessible flat at ground floor level